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    The reasons and solutions that affect the ease and naturalness of singing?
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            Unconsciously, karaoke has been introduced into China for more than 20 years.   
     This form of entertainment that almost everyone can do is very much in line with the habit of singing and singing in China, so it has a long history and a long life.
    The form of karaoke has not changed over the years, but the karaoke equipment has undergone several revolutionary changes. Although karaoke has been renamed "KTV" a lot,  the main functions and contents of singing have not changed.
    Today, guests are more concerned about the ease and naturalness of singing. Whether in beautiful clubs such as clouds, paper drunk gold fans, or mass-market KTVs, the "easiness of singing, naturalness" has also attracted much attention. The land is disgusted by the Chinese people, and singing "easy, comfortable and natural" has become a common pursuit of everyone.
    So why are some of the stereo singing difficult and difficult? How to solve it?
    Generally, there are several reasons that affect the ease of singing and make people feel tired when they sing:
    1. The speaker's frequency response curve is deficient (concave) trapped and unbalanced. As far as the current KTV speakers are concerned, since 10-inch or 12-inch foam rubber-edge woofers are equipped with 3-inch paper cone disc treble two-way speakers, they cannot be connected safely and reasonably in a balanced manner between 1KHz and 5KHz. There is a "valley" -like curve in this frequency band, and the speaker cannot normally and completely reproduce (represent) the sound in this frequency band, or even if it can produce sound, the energy is very weak. Therefore, although this type of two-way speakers feels relatively "soft" and "clean" (dim) when listening to songs, when you pick up the microphone to sing, the speakers cannot completely and naturally bright band (1KHz to 5KHz). Replay (performance) shows that there is a local lack of sound in the frequency response band, and the human voice cannot be reproduced naturally and naturally, so people will feel laborious and uncomfortable singing.

    ① Use three-way speakers; ② Use two-way professional (horn type) speakers.
    Because the three-way KTV speaker has a midrange speaker that specifically reproduces mid-to-high frequency sounds, it makes up for the shortcoming of the curve connection between the upper and lower frequency response of the woofer and the 3-inch paper cone small tweeter, which improves the mid-high The energy improves the balance and naturalness of the frequency response curve, so that all the sounds are available, the sound reproduction is more real and natural, and the hearing is bright and clear and natural. When you sing a song with a microphone, you should have all the sounds. There is no lack of depression (concave) in the playback of the sound (microphone). The sound originally amplifies the volume of the human voice. Therefore, the singing voice of the three-way speaker is reasonably balanced and relatively prominent, making people feel relaxed, natural, and comfortable.Laborious.
    Two-way professional speakers (38-core or 44-core or higher driver tweeter with horns and cloth woofer), the lower limit of the frequency response of the tweeter with high power and large voice coil is low enough. Because of the energy of the middle and high frequencies, when using this unit for crossover connection, the frequency response curve is easily connected to be balanced and natural. There will be no physical defects in the middle and high range, so it is the same as the three-way KTV speaker: The sound is full, and the state of high fidelity is easier to achieve, and singing is relatively easy and effortless.
    Of course, some people are accustomed to the "soft and clean" sound with a hollow and lacking frequency response curve. When purely listening to music, they may not like bright-style sounds, and think such sounds are "impatient". However, whether you like "soft" or "bright", when you pick up the microphone and sing in person, everyone will unanimously like the bright and clear (actually relatively balanced curve) speakers (tone).
    Today's preamps, music and microphone vocals can be tuned separately. If you want to make the music sound relatively soft, you only need to attenuate a few frequencies on the music channel that affect the softness of the sound. The sound of the music is immediately presented, and if the vocal of the microphone is just bright and clear without excessive and howling (Femie), you don't need to adjust it. You can adjust the appropriate amount of reverb effect and volume
    2. The sound pressure level of the sound is insufficient.
    The insufficient sound pressure level of the sound system is also one of the reasons for laborious singing, and the "sound pressure level" standard is also one of the biggest differences between entertainment city and home environment sound.
    In the home environment, people play audio and listen to audio for relaxation, leisure, and enjoyment, and the volume is generally not very large. Although people play audio and audio in entertainment cities to relax, most people are seeking interaction and excitement , And need stimulation, the sound must be loud enough. If the safe sound pressure level of the sound is not enough (the sound pressure level is good, there is an absolute relationship between the amount of power and sensitivity of the speaker), then when people want to sing loudly, there is no way for the sound to emit an appropriate sound pressure level (volume) without distortion Singing people feel suffocated and their voices are not loud enough, so they feel strenuous to sing.
    Increase the power of the audio system and arrange the speaker positions reasonably.
    2. The reverb effect of the pre-stage or combined amplifier is not adjusted well, or the quality performance of the pre-stage is poor.
    The preamp or merged power amplifier simulates the sound of the human voice in the natural space environment through the adjustment ratio of "reverb", "echo" and "delay". Because karaoke has a fairly loud music accompaniment, it is necessary to adjust the appropriate "reverb volume", "echo number", and "delay time" to appropriately highlight the effect, so that the human voice can naturally blend into the music In the middle, it can also break through the envelopment of music and highlight brightly and naturally, so that the singer can clearly hear his own singing voice, so that singing feels relaxed and comfortable.
    The quality of the front stage is not good or the effect is not adjusted. The feeling is that although the fidelity of the singing voice is not bad, the sound is dry, no "moisture", and singing effort.
    The solution is:
    ① Switch to a pre-stage with better quality performance; ② Find a professional to call out the reverberation effect required by the public.
    3. The sensitivity of the speaker is low and the power of the amplifier is small.
      The low sensitivity and low power of the speakers are also one of the reasons why people feel that singing is laborious.
    Under the same output state of the power amplifier, the sound from the high-sensitivity speakers is relatively large, and the sound from the low-sensitivity speakers is relatively small.
      Because the sound from the low-sensitivity and small speakers is small, it makes people feel that the human voice is not bright enough when singing, so it feels laborious to sing.
    And because the sensitivity of the speaker is not high enough, the power is not large, and the power of the amplifier is also small. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the audio equipment, the tuner generally tries to control the sound pressure (loudness of the sound) as much as possible, so that the sound is not loud enough, and the dynamic cannot come out So people sing laborious and unpleasant.
    ① Use high-sensitivity and high-power speakers; ② Use high-power amplifiers. Generally, the power of the power amplifier is preferably more than one-third to two times greater than the rated power of the speaker
    4. The frequency response curve of the microphone head (microphone core) has defects (concave), serious depression, low sensitivity, and relatively narrow frequency response width.
    Although the microphone is a relatively cheap component in the audio system, it has a great impact on the ease and naturalness of singing, because it is the source and is a component that directly picks up the human voice signal. It became a big problem.
    (1) Select the microphone according to the characteristics of the audio system, or select the microphone (microphone) according to the characteristics of the audio system. This method is the simplest. Connect the audio system and compare the microphone switch (A / B) in the state of equalization to zero (straight through) to see which microphone is matched with the audio system to make singing and speaking easier and more natural. And don't scream, just choose a microphone.
    If the system uses a preamp plus a professional amplifier, as long as a regular amplifier from a regular manufacturer is selected, the impact of the amplifier on the ease and naturalness of singing can be almost ignored, because the conventional products of most amplifier manufacturers are based on normal waveforms and frequency response balance Standard, except for a special model of a specific type of amplifier that is specifically designed to correct a defect in a certain speaker, or a combined KTV amplifier.
    From the analysis summary, it is not difficult to see:
    Audio is a system. The system is composed of various components. Each component can affect the ease and naturalness of singing. However, which component has more influence or is more serious. This has become the focus of our application selection
    How to make the audio system sing, listen, and use well. Although the technical level of debugging in the later stage is very important, the key is to choose and match the system in the early stage.Collocation is more effective and less effortful.

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